Sunday, 26 September 2010

Spain´s greatest record shop

A few years ago I was in the centre of Malaga heading towards the bus station when I spied a small record shop I hadn´t noticed before.Having  some time to kill I went inside to check it out.It was tiny but filled to the ceiling with great stuff..60´s and 70´s prog and psyche,free jazz and plenty other stuff I like.I started chatting to the guy who ran the place,a friendly bloke called Fran and I left with a couple of Sun Ra CDs and a new friend.
Since then I have bought many more CDs and expanded my knowledge of weird and wonderful sounds thanks to Francisco.On plenty of occasions I have picked up a CD I have never heard off and asked him if I would like it and if he says yes I buy it without listening to it until I get home.I always like the stuff I´s hard not to in such a cool place.
Whenever I put out a new CD I take two copies into Discos for Francisco and one for Miguel,another regular.I joke about them being my fan club.It´s also thanks to Fran that I met my bandmates Javier Denis and Joel Knispel.Javier is another regular who buys a lot of vintage jazz from Discos Pat and Joel is a friend of one of the guys in an obscure US band whose album I came across there.
If you are ever in the centre of Malaga pop in and say hello to Fran..he´s right across from the big indoor market and round the corner from my favorite cafe El Tren.


  1. Gracias Robert. Para mí es un placer el que vengas a la tienda y me regales tus Cds. Espero que sea así durante muchos años. Un abrazo.

  2. Is that shop still there will be in Malaga next month ...