Wednesday, 22 September 2010

On being prolific

Since starting Tinytapes as a cassette label in the early 90´s I have put out nearly 180 releases on tape and CDr.On average I record and put out one CD a week often playing all the instruments myself and producing the artwork as well.
I don´t see it as work because I enjoy it so much and feel I am getting better at it all the time.When I reach the 200 mark I might have a small party with my musician friends to celebrate.
A lot of the musicians I admire were/are very prolific : Frank zappa,Sun Ra,Grateful Dead.They made a point of recording themselves and archiving their performances for future use.I find it odd when I come across musicians who don´t record their gigs or rehearsals.Evey gig I play I record on my minidisc..the sound quality can vary depending on the venue but at least I have a record of the event.
I am lucky to have a website run by Scott Heller of the band Oresund Space Collective which keeps track of my output.I send Scott a copy of each CD as soon it is done and he posts it on the site along with the artwork,line up and notes.he does a great job and keeps me motivated to keep producing more.

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