Monday, 25 October 2010

Listening to Trane

The only music I bought on my trip to the UK was a box set of early John Coltrane which has started me off on a quest to listen to as much Trane as I can.
I finally came across Live in Japan which I only had a partial copy of on cassette.I did´nt know the whole thing ran to four CDs..possibly every note Trane played on his short tour there.
After that it was back to Live in Seattle which I always thought was dense,heavyweight stuff but turns out to be pretty sweet in places.
I also have a copy of Chasing the Trane by J.C. Thomas an early biography to read alongside the Louis Porter which I wasn´t  all that moved by.
What next? Hopefully I can track down that last (sic) concert recording which is rather lo-fi but still on my list.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

rikkis music shop

Just down the road from where my mum lives is Rikkis Music shop.It´s where I always go for strings,plectrums,the odd guitar and  it´s where I bought my trusty Zoom 1266 on which I still record.
They are friendly and helpful unlike the grumpy sods who inhabit Denmark Street in London.
Check them out here.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Back home again

Just back from a short break in the U.K.I went to my old friends Mark and Fiona´s wedding in Edinburgh and then down to London for a family bash .
It´s been three years since I was in Edinburgh and I noticed a few changes:
Lots of takeaway sandwich bars and coffee places
Lots of students in the above
three pounds thirty for a pint of beer
no new trams even though they have been building stuff for years
hardly any record shops left
cheap pub grub in formerly grim and dangerous places on Leith Walk
all my friends have new jobs and even the odd kid
Changed days indeed!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

some of my output..

Here´s just a few of my CDRs in the tinytapes catalogue.For the full list go here.

Monday, 4 October 2010

My cassette years

I just unearthed a bunch of covers from the early years of Tinytapes when it was a cassette only label.I also came across a cover from my old band Troykatoo..a bunch of guys I was at school with back in the 80´s.

Michael James Bowman

I just got back in touch with underground art/music legend Mike Bowman.We traded music a while back and I came across some of his writings on  Don Campau´s living archive site..(you can find it here).
Mike devotes all his energy to his art these days..and very good it is too!
You can find more on his website;