Wednesday, 22 September 2010

My Guitars ·no.1-Tokai Breezysound Telecaster

I bought this Tele in the late 80´s in a music shop in Bath.I had been playing a 72 strat for a long time but wanted to switch to a Tele.A friend of mine worked in the music shop demonstrating keyboards so he got me a good deal.At the time Tokais were not that could pick them up pretty cheap compared to Fenders .
Mine had a plain wood finish for a long time until I left it with a friend of mine when I first went to the states.He sprayed it silver..strings and all!It looked awful so I sprayed it blue which it remains to this day.
I have lost count of the gigs I have played with my Tele; Punk bands,Folk,improv and it has been lent to loads of people as a backup guitar.It´s a real workhorse.

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