Wednesday, 22 September 2010

My Guitars ·no.2 Daion acoustic guitar

Not long after I switched from a Strat to a Tele I bought myself a new acoustic guitar.It was a Pilgrim electro-acoustic with a plastic ovation rounded back and a single cutaway.I had only had it for a couple of months when I spotted this Daion acoustic in a music shop in Trowbridge,Wiltshire.It was love at first sight and I had to have it.I offred them a straight swap for the Pilgrim and they nearly bit my hand off!
I have no regrets as I never really got on with ovation style guitars and the Daion is much more classy looking and sounding.
At the time I was getting into open tunings and slide guitar which the Daion is good for.Later in my avante-guitar phase I used to tune it really low with the low E down to a G as a drone which sounded great like a double bass.It was this tuning (GGDGAE) I used on the studio album ´Never rude to a Fox ´.
The second time I went to the U.S. to play in a country and western band I took the Daion and it was badly damaged by the time I reach Vegas.It took a lot of work to fix the large body cracks and lifted bridge and it changed the tone somewhat.
I don´t really use it that much now..sometimes for an acoustic intro on a track or as a rhythm guitar.It features a lot on my early solo live CDs played through my yahama amp and digital delay.


  1. got one 2nd hand about 15 years ago from uk...fixed it lot of work but it was worth play it every day

  2. do you have any sugestion for right strings ?