Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Noah Howard

In the week or so since he died I have been listening to a lot of Noah Howard.I hadn´t heard of him prior to reading his obiturary in the Guardian so I googled his name and a bunch of stuff came up.First was live at Judson hall which came out on ESP which I like a lot..two long tracks one of which is a tribute to John Coltrane.
Howard seems to have suffered being compared to Coltrane and Ayler but I think he had his own sound not as full on as Coltrane or as shrill as Ayler.At times he is pretty straight ahead dropping in quotes from Greensleeves at one point and some pretty lines here and there.
Other albums by him: Space Dimension,Patterns,Message to South Africa,Traffic and live in Europe vol 1.
It´s a great shame that it took someone this cool to die for me to notice him..I would rather be reading an album review than an obiturary.

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