Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Inside La Noria studios

Just in case anyone thinks that recording studios are snazzy hi-tech places heres a quick tour of mine.
I call it La Noria after our house which is in the middle of nowhere..pretty cool for making lots of noise without bothering any neighbours.
This is an early picture..not that it looks any better now.My Zoom 1266 is on the left with my fender amp and cheap yahama keyboard behing the chair.You can see my epiphone les paul,Tele and acoustic (just about).
This room isn´t very big..I have moved my drums next door so I can leave them set up all the time and I only have to run a couple of mics through there for recording.
When I have people over to record we all set up in the living room next door and I tend to try and mike us all using four or five mics.there is a lot of leakage and it never sounds too slick..with my gear slick isn´t an option!
Sometimes in the summer I leave the windows open so you can hear birds,goats and barking dogs on a lot of my CDs..I never edit them out it just adds to the rustic character!

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