Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Denis/knispel/lawson/breuss/piñero non stop live at Casa Invisible

For the past three years Casa Invisible in Malaga has run an improvised music festival.There are performances,talks and workshops and people come from all over the world to attend and play.
This year we were the opening act on the friday night.Javier Denis,Joel Knispel and myself have been playing and recodring together for a while and on this date we were joined by Markus Bruess on trumpet and Alain Piñero on warr guitar (kind of like a chapman stick).
I turned up without any drums and Joel didn´t bring his amp so we were at the mercy of whatever the Casa invisible guys could russle up.Thanks to Javier Carmona I had some good cymbals to go with the battered in house drumkit and one of the other guys was happy to loan Joel and amp.
Just before we started I told the other guys we should play one long piece and really go for it-full on!
which we did big time.By about ten minutes in I was knackered and my fingers were already blistered.Markus really got into the spirit of things running around the stage and into the crowd blasting away.
towards the end Joel laid down a loop of sorts using a coltrane chord progression he is rather fond of.
listening back it sounds great..we were playing as a team without tripping over each other.

áfterwards we went for a drink at a nearby bar and a load of Policemen turned up outside the venue claming they didn´t have permission for the festival.Too late it was already happening!


  1. can you upload the recording of this session so some people can listen to it?


  2. Still trying alain!Any ideas on how to do it?