Thursday, 30 September 2010


One saturday afew years ago I was browsing through the racks of my favorite record shop Discos Pat in Malaga when I came across an odd looking CD by a band called Snakegrinder..and the shredded fieldmice.
It was on a label I later discovered that was notorious for pirating obscure albums without telling or paying the bands involved.I took a chance and bought it and was blown away the first time I put it on the CD player.
They sounded like a  funky cross between the grateful dead (circa 1970) and little feat in a pastoral,back to the land way.With titles like Nothing´s very easy when your baby´s in the lake they obviously had a sense of humour as well.
I managed to contact bassist Steve Roberts who very generously sent me some more CD´s of their unreleased stuff and some great live tapes from the mid-70´s.After Snakegrinder he helped form Dick Uranus,a truely warped and wonderful outfit.
More info on them here.

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