Monday, 25 October 2010

Listening to Trane

The only music I bought on my trip to the UK was a box set of early John Coltrane which has started me off on a quest to listen to as much Trane as I can.
I finally came across Live in Japan which I only had a partial copy of on cassette.I did´nt know the whole thing ran to four CDs..possibly every note Trane played on his short tour there.
After that it was back to Live in Seattle which I always thought was dense,heavyweight stuff but turns out to be pretty sweet in places.
I also have a copy of Chasing the Trane by J.C. Thomas an early biography to read alongside the Louis Porter which I wasn´t  all that moved by.
What next? Hopefully I can track down that last (sic) concert recording which is rather lo-fi but still on my list.

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